Duration: 8/9 hours


Pompeii was an ancient Roman commercial centre that was submerged by the ashes after the destructive eruption of the 79 A.D. of the Volcano Mount Vesuvio. Now is one of the most suggestive archaeological site of the world. Entering into the site will bring you back to an ancient Roman town, you will walk along the main road seeing the shops and the main point of the Romans life, let the Forum and the Amphitheater charm you with their majesty. For a more intense experience we can book for you a private walking tour of the site with one of the best authorized guide that will explain the leads you trough the splendour of the Ancient Roman lifestyle and trough the horror of their last minutes.

The Amalfi Drive is one of the most beautiful roads of the world, famous for its breathtaking views; as a matter of facts is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The frame is the variety of the Mediterranean colours: the green of the citrus trees, the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the bright colours of the little towns along the cost. This road was built by the ancient Romans and from it is still possible to see, in the little villages perched on steep cliffs, the towers that were used to sightings of the Sarecen invaders. Coastwise there are many little towns, each different from the others. One of them is the picturesque Positano that will charm you with all its incredible legends and beautiful tiny streets full of clothes and souvenires shops. Also you can’t miss a visit in Amalfi, one of the ancient Martime Republics and homeland of Flavio Gioia, the inventor of the compass where is the St. Andrew Cathedral, one of the most beautyful in Italy. On the road you will find Ravello, the town of music, its views has enchanted thousands of visitors during the year from Greta Garbo to Richard Wagner. It is located on a rocky promontory at 350 meters above sea level in a unique panoramic position, ideal for a lunch on the landscape. Here you can also visit the amazing gardens and the wonderful Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Moreover the coast offers to its visitors all the flavours of the Neapolitan cuisine, let the freshness of the ingredients and the secrets of the traditional productions surprise you.

Along the road are planned a lot of stops for pictures in the best sights.

Amalfi Drive Duration: 8/9 hours
Interesting optional stops: Ceramic factory, Emerald Grotto, limoncello and olive oil tasting.
Include: Mercedes vehicle, english speaking driver, highway tolls, parking, fuel, taxes.
Exclude: entrance fees, restaurant, tips.
Helpful info: Emerald Grotto entrance fee 5,00 euro, Villa Rufolo entrance fee 5,00 euro, Pompeii entrance fee 13,oo euro

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