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Pompei was an ancient Roman commercial centre that was submerged by the ashes after the destructive eruption of the 79 A.D. of the Volcano Mount Vesuvio and lay buried till 1584, when architect Domenico Fontana, during drainage works of the river Sarno, casually found some inscriptions. In 1748, under king Carlo di Borbone, started the real excavation works to bring the city back to light; an important turning point was reached when in 1860 when Giuseppe Fiorelli invented a system of pouring liquid plaster into the spaces left in the ash bed, this way were brought back the ancient inhabitants of the town of Pompei frozen in their last moments of life, telling the terrifying story of that eruption.

Today Pompei is not fully discovered, but offers to its visitors a pretty complete image of the lifestyle of the time, with the Forum, the streets of the old market, the Thermal area and the Villas. In addition to the to archaeological charm of the site, it can be actually seen the magnificence of the roman art thanks to the, incredibly well preserved, frescoes found in the Villas.

This town shows a piece of past from a very fascinating historical period and it can’t be missed!

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