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Ercolano was an ancient Roman town, a holiday village by the sea for wealthy romans, famous for the fishing and suggestive vineyards, as Pompei was buried by the eruption of the Volcano Mount Vesuvio in 79 A.D. but in a different way. As a matter of fact volcaninc ashes didn’t fall on the town but it was hit by a such high temperatures blast that it carbonised items in the city, this is why we can admire houses almost intact and see highly degradable materials like wood, furniture and papyrus.

The excavation to bring the town back to light began in 1709 and for two centuries were made from the local nobles who hoped to find works of classical art for their palaces, during those years was discovered the theatre and then the Basilica and Villa dei Papyri. At the beginning of 1900 finally Amedeo Maiuri gave to the excavation the importance they deserve and thanks to him a a big part of the ancient town was brought to the open air. Moreover it was discovered that, during the eruption, the people were trying to escape from the sea taking money, jewellety and personal effects with them; in fact has been found every kind of people close to the beach, their escape was prevented by the impact of the gas cloud which was so hot it killed them instantly.

Today in Ercoalno is possible to admire incredibly well adorned houses, with amazing frescoes that will enchat you and bring you back to the fast of the ancient Romans.

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